What to do after arbitration award given?

Looking for opinions on what to do next.

I had two Chase accounts that I agreed to settle by paying 40% of the balance by making four separate payments on each account. I made these payments on various dates as agreed. The first acount, Chase acknowledge recipt of payment of all four payments and closed the account.

However, on the second account, Chase states they don’t have record of receiving the fourth and final payment. I spent countless hours on the phone with Chase, faxed copies of my bank statement showing that the final and fourth payment was taken, however, no one was able to tell me where those monies were applied. They just kept saying they didn’t receive it.

So they sent my case to a collection agency and again I sent in copies of my bank statement and outlined in a letter stating that the account was paid as agreed in the debt settlement. They never responded to my questions as to where the final payment was applied, however, they continued to send letters stating that I was uncooperative and they filed with the National Abitrators Forum who awarded Chase.

What is the next step? Is this a new scam? Agree to debt settle and then they say they never received payment? I have bank statments and verified with my bank that the funds were received by Chase. Do I send a letter to Motion to Dismiss, a stay of proceedings and a Vacate arbitration Award? I’m just taken back that even when I showed proof of payment they awarded Chase. Did I miss something?

Any assistance is appreciated.

When you find out who your judge is, send copies of the documentation directly to the judge. Clearly explain in a letter (or in person, if you get to go to court) that you paid and have documentation from the bank that all payments were made.

The court will make Chase prove that they did not get paid.

I had a company try to get a judgment against me once by going to court and claiming that I did not show up. I got a copy of the proceedings from the judge, then I wrote directly to the judge that (1) I wasn’t notified and (2) I had already paid the debt, here’s the documentation.

The judge wrote back and the decision was reversed. I have that letter in a very safe place. I made sure that a copy went to each of the credit bureaus as well.

The company wrote about a week after the judge apologizing and agreeing with the judge. Ya think??????

The company’s letter also clearly states that due to their error, I owe nothing further on that account.

Sometimes, all you can do is document, and Thank God for signature receipts at the Post Office.

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