I agree about the minimum payments

I think when you need extra income and your kids are little you need to stay clear of anything that could cost and possibly not pay off. This would include any marketing and sales like Avon and Mary Kay ect…

I agree about the minimum payments getting out of control. At this point, they are doable, and I was given some gift cert. for the grocery store for my birthday, so I’ve got some help there. I do worry about the minimum growing out of control though. I would love to be able to live off of hubby’s paycheck, but we can’t. I’d love to make some extra money, but I have close to ZERO time to do anything. My husband can’t help me out at all with taking care of my daughter if I wanted to work on the weekends or nights.

Do you have any ideas of how I could possibly make the extra $500/month? I’ve thought of a lot and can’t come up with anything yet.

Honestly, your advice was the most intelligent as of yet. You really understand the situation.

I’ve read some more of your posts…I understand, I just don’t agree. To find $500, if you can’t earn it than you must cut everything you don’t need to live, notice how I didn’t say liked to have to live. Cut the cable, cut the DSL, cut the cell phone, cut the haircuts and nails, perms or color, cut (literally) your daughters hair, don’t go to the movies, don’t go out to dinner, there is no vacation. There is your $500. A lot of the advice you have received is from Dave Ramsey’s book and talk show. Go get a book, and read it cover to cover. Listen to his show online or on a AM radio. Of course, you can also borrow money online from elcloans.com or similar websites, but this is not a long-term solution.

We are trying to help you, tough to hear or not. Also remember you won’t be a planned 25k in the hole, you’ll be a planned 25k + a planned DH student loan + a planned your student loan + a planned house loan + a couple of planned car loans. We are trying to save you the heartbreak called debt, sorry if we didn’t offer what you wanted to hear, intelligent or otherwise.

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