Are your CC interests high?

I am not sure what you have tried but let me share with you a secret that I learned. I am testing a technique I learned but until I have the results I am not going to share them, but i should know come my next bill from discover and I will elaborate then..

Are your CC interests high.? and how many do you have.. ?

First a short story.. quick version.

I got laid off and wasnt finding good sources for work so I took anything that looked even remotely promising. One of these companies was a so called debt assistance company–a nightmare for me, however I did learn a few techniques that I have never thought of before..

DONT DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR CURRENT CARD…. but if your concern is to get debt free and learn to live cash free then this is a good option..

I had a card that was at 22% and the interest was killing me. What they showed me was the process on how to get your rates lowered. Here ishow we did it.

I would always call them in person..

called my CC company and obviously asked to get the rate lowered.. Of course they said NO..
The second series of questions is what I learned from this comapny..

Ask them if you are eligiable for any product exchanges or upgrades to something like a rewards card.. They again checked and low and behold the answer was yes.
They transfered my entire balance to the new card and my new rate was 12% which lowered my minimum greatly and gave me the additonal room tomake bigger payments and finally ake some headway.

This process will close the original card but you have to ask yourself the bigger question.. is it worth it. If you can lower your payment allowing oyu to pay it off faster you wil save yourself lots of money and get to your goal faster allowing you to be debt free and save for your future.

Good Luck and hope I didnt totally confuse the heck out of everyone. I have heard that divorce does not free you from any joint debts that you had when you were married. I would definitely double check that.

BTW – CCCS is in collaboration with the credit card companies. They work with them very closely to get the money and since you are obligated IN WRITING to make the payments each month, they are willing to take less, in many cases, towards their end of getting the most money possible from you.

Depending on your state. when i got divorced we put it in the divorce papers who was responsible for what creditors.

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