I’ve added screencaptures from the teaser trailer of Evanna’s upcoming movie “Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale”. Enjoy!

The teaser trailer for Evanna’s movie ‘Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale’ was released a few days ago. You can watch the video below.

I’ve added the poster and trailer captures from Evanna’s 2013 short film, It Don’t Come Easy. Enjoy!


Evanna Lynch, known to millions of Harry Potter fans as Luna Lovegood, has finished filming Irish drama My Name Is Emily, produced by local outfits Newgrange Pictures and Kennedy Films.

The film, a romance and road movie about a teenage girl who leaves a foster home with a friend to find her father, who is locked up in a psychiatric institution, is the debut feature from Simon Fitzmaurice and stars Lynch as title character Emily.

Fitzmaurice was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in 2008, shortly after his second short film, The Sound of People, screened at the Sundance Film Festival. The disease affects the cells that control voluntary muscle activity, including speaking, walking, swallowing and general movement.

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He typed the script for My Name Is Emily, alongside his best-selling book It’s Not Yet Dark, using his eyes and iris recognition software. In an unusual approach for cinema, he directed the film using the same method.

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